Role:  Team Lead Graphic Design
As part of the larger international movement ClimateLive, ClimateLive Germany aims to fight the apathy on climate change with a series of live events.
On April 24, 2021 they hosted a 9 hour live-streaming event, featuring 7 musicians, a poetry slam and a quiz with environmental questions, hosted in two venues.
I was tasked with making sure all parts of the livestream were supported visually. 
I managed a small team of volunteer graphic designers and video editors, communicating heavily with the production crew. 
And, of course, I also made some designs myself.
I created a range of animations, which could be used to dynamically overlay guest names, quiz questions and answers, using vMix. 
Role: Motion Graphics
TOOLS: Illustrator, After Effects, vMix, Blender (Eevee)
Intro (Prototype):
Featuring custom music by Das Maer and over 20 Illustrations by Robert Gretenkort, this short introduction video had to be scrapped quite late into production due to time constraints. The Illustrations were used as a map on the website, and the Music was used in the simpler Intro Video that made it into the livestream. 
It features a discovery journey around the globe in one smooth camera motion starting from a birds eye angle including the ClimateLive Logo, and ends inside a simplified model of the event venue Gretchen with a smooth transition into the live stream.
Role: Conceptualisation, 3D Modeling, Camera Rigging, Compositing
TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator, Blender (Eevee)

Social Media Content:
In the weeks leading up to the event, I produced some images for the ClimateLive Germany Instagram Page.
I differentiated the different types of announcements visually, while maintaining a consistent branding with the international corporate design and building a unique look for the ClimateLive Germany brand. In order to do this, I used recurring visual Elements, such as the gradient frames and the logo, the gradient swoosh and added noise.
ROLE: Branding, Illustration, Image Research, Editing
TOOLS:   Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Unsplash

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