For the Berlin-based Techno Label Tiefdruckgebeat I was tasked to create short (max. 8 sec.) looping animations to be used as Spotify Canvas, playing in the background on mobile devices. 
The goal was to create animations that convey the impact the individual tracks are supposed to have on the listener, underline any conveyed emotions or highlight a theme and also make the tracks stand out from others on the platform through production quality.
These were usually very quickly made, around 2-5 hours of production time, and to me are like "sketches" where I tried out different ideas or concepts in 3D animation. 

Brave New World 
Modular21 - Brave New World EP
Modular21's inspired 2020 debut Techno Track 
The Spotify canvas conveys the excitement of the arrival of the Mayflower​​​​​​​ and mystery of the new continent . It also directly incorporates musical elements from the track as animals in the jungle.
2.5D Animation made with Blender (Eevee)
Tell Me - Wesseltech Remix
Intaktogene, AcyT, Wesseltech
Quite literally a visual remix of Music Video for the original  "Tell Me" (which you can find here), this canvas uses a lot of the assets from the original, namely the wireframe cube and the sky texture, but mixes them up in a new and more energetic way, similar to how Wesseltech interpreted the original track.
3D Animation made with Blender (Cycles) and Touchdesigner

Modular21 - Persephone EP
The Duos second release after the success of Brave New World references the Greek Myth of the Abduction of Persephone.
The Spotify Canvas combines a 3D-scanned mesh, camera movement and high key lighting to convey dynamism through parallax.
3D Animation made in Blender (Eevee)

Intaktogene, AcyT
Inspired by the aquatic sounds used in the song, this canvas aims to make the viewer feel like he is underwater and mesmerise with as natural movement and reflections as possible. It's also reminding of a hallucinogenic episode, mirroring the cover artwork in both theme in colors.
2.5D Animation made in Blender (Eevee)